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We Stand with the Children. Stand with Us.

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We Stand with Jamar*

Today we stand with 12 year old Jamar.* After a failed adoption landed him in the psychiatric hospital two years ago, he became our client.His attorney recognized that his serious mental health needs required serious treatment, and she made certain he received it.Now Jamar feels ready to leave his residential treatment center and school, but the school demanded he have six weeks of perfect behavior.Jamar was hopeless—it's just too hard to have perfect behavior for six straight weeks for any child.His attorney convinced him to take it one day at a time, and Jamar was creative enough to convince his favorite counselor to provide him with prizes and treats for different milestones along the way.In the meantime, his attorney ensured that a meeting with the school be scheduled to challenge the notion that perfection was required for Jamar to move to a less restrictive school environment.She also located Jamar's older brother who had never been asked whether he might be willing to care for Jamar.Guess what?He is willing.Jamar's hope has returned because his attorney stood with him. She listened. She advocated.She stood with Jamar.

*The client in the photo has no relation to Jamar's story. Jamar's name has also been changed to protect his identity.