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Rosie's Story

Rosie is one of 72 EBCLO clients who was adopted in 2015, and her new mother Michelle credits the advocacy of Rosie's lawyer. Michelle took Rosie home from the hospital when she was just four days old, loving her from the start. When Rosie was almost a year old, Michelle heard that Rosie's aunt might want to care for her. Michelle was nervous, but she arranged to meet with Rosie's aunt so Rosie could meet her. Over the course of the next couple of hours, Michelle learned that Rosie's aunt felt pressured to care for Rosie, but she wasn't really interested in starting all over again with a new baby. Her kids were grown. Rosie's aunt watched Rosie with Michelle carefully. Rosie's aunt finally told Michelle that it would not be fair to Rosie to take her away from the only mom she ever knew. Michelle called Rosie's lawyer and says that Rosie's lawyer is the one who actually listened. The one who put Rosie's interests first. The one who never pressured someone to care for Rosie who wasn't up to the job. Rosie and Michelle are now a happy family, still in touch with Rosie's aunt.