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Children Should Be Seen & Heard

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This year's National Foster Care Month theme is Relative & Kin Connections: Keeping Families Strong. This May, and every day, EBCLO salutes the aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends and neighbors who rally when children need them most.

Angela (not her real name) is one such grandma. When her grandchildren, our clients, entered the foster care system at birth, she stepped up right away to meet the myriad of requirements even relatives must meet to care for a child in the system. We believed Angela would be the best caregiver for our clients despite others expressing concerns that she might not fully understand or be able to care for the premature twins’ special needs. That meant litigation—70+ hearings worth of litigation over more than two years! And we lost. Angela was told she would not be given custody of her grandkids. Then, less than six months later, the twin’s foster mother suddenly asked for the children to be removed from her home. Who was at the ready? Angela! Our clients finally went home to family, and today, they are thriving. Their doctors have even weaned them off some unnecessary medications. And Angela has developed a strong relationship with the adoptive mother of their sibling, also our client, so that the children will all be connected as family forever. That’s what it means to keep families strong.